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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Year- 2013 in Film

This is a ranking of everything I watched in 2013. If you're looking for something new to watch, hopefully my list can provide some inspiration, or at least steer you away from what not to watch.

1.SideEffects- (2013)- Steven Soderbergh- 10/10

2.Se7en- (1995)- David Fincher- 10/10

3.The Edge of Heaven (2007)- An unforgettable film from Turkish director Fatih Akim- 9.5/10

4.Elysium- (2013)- Niel Blomkampt- 9.5/10

5.The World's End- (2013)- Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead are working again here with Edgar Wright in perhaps the funniest movie I've ever seen!- 9.5/10

6.A Hijacking- (2013)-Tobias Lindholm-
9.5/ 10

7.The Attack- (2013)- Ziad Doureri- Women make the best suicide bombers. They receive more media attention and generate greater mass hysteria. If they can kill innocent children, this creates the best publicity possible-

8.The Way Back- (2010)- Peter Weir's tale of escapees from a Siberian camp that walk to India- 9/10

9.Distant- (2002)- From Turkish Director Nuri Bilge Ceylon, a man tries to cope with his life in the dismal conditions of an Istanbul winter- 9/10

10.Prisoners- (2013)- Denis Villeneuve- 9/10

11.Fruitvale Station- (2013) Breakout hit from first time filmmaker Ryan Coogler uses the truth of a story to make this excellent, yet simple film- 9/10 

12.Bicycle Thieves- (1948)- Vittorio De Sica- 9/10

13.Days of Heaven- (1978)- One of Terrence Malick's first features. Amazing portrait of the United States agricultural machine in 1918. Visually stunning- 9/10

14.Captain Phillips- (2013)- Paul Greengrass- 9/10

15.Citizen Kane- (1941)- Orson Wells- 9/10

16.All Is Lost- (2013)- JC Chandor- 9/10

17.The Hunt- (2013)- Thomas Vinterberg- This film dredges up the "other side" of sexual abuse accusations, a much needed discourse that we all choose to ignore- 8.5/10

18.I Heart Huckabees- (2004)- David O. Russels' all-star cast investigate the existential- 8.5/10

19.Fill the Void- (2013)- Rama Burshtein- Glimpse into the world of ultra-orthodox Judaism. Excellent performance by Hadas Yaron in the lead- 8.5/10

20.Twelve Years a Slave- (2013)- Steve McQueen tells the story of a free man sold into slavery- 8.5/10

21.Wadjda- (2013)- Haiffa Al- Mansour- 8/10

22.Trance- (2013)- A super exciting thriller from Danny Boyle. It aims for the complexity of Inception, but doesn't quite achieve it- 8/10

23.This Is England- (2006)- A young kid gets involved with a group of skinheads while he's just trying to get by- 8/10

24.Europa Report-(2013)

Sebastian Cordero- 8/10

25.Margin Call- (2011) JC Chandor's look at the taciturn climate just before the Wall Street meltdown- 8/10 

26.Lore- (2013)- Cate Shortland's portrait of the children of an SS officer trying to survive after Germany's loss in WWII - 8/10

27.The Conjuring- (2013)- James Wan- 8/10

28.The Tree of Life- (2011)- Terence Malik's sensual mix of perspective- 8/10 

29.Following- Christopher Nolan's first simple, and very good feature film- 8/10

30.Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues- (2013)- The long awaited follow-up to the first instalment. Great script and very Funny- 8/10

31.127 Hours- (2010)- James Franco stars in Danny Boyle ultra-suspenseful survival flick- 8/10

32.World War Z- (2013)- Marc Forster- 7.5/10

33.The Hunger Games: CatchingFire- (2013)- Francis Lawrence- 7.5/10

34.Casablanca- (1941)- Michael Curtiz's lengdary tale about life's most difficult choice- 7.5/10

35.Drug War- (2013)- Johnnie To- 7.5/10

36.Flight- (2012)- Robert Zemeckis- 7.5/10

37.Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas- (2011)- Todd Strauss-Schulson- 7.5/10

38.Zodiac- (2007)- David Fincher- 7/10

39.Three Monkeys- (2008) Internal trauma tears a family apart. Nuri Bilge Ceylan- 7/10


40.Looper- (2012)- Rian Johnson's time-traveling, action-filled picture of a bleak world- 7/10

41.The Wolverine- (2013)- James Mangold- 7/10

42.Mr. Nobody- (2009) Jaco Van Dormael- 7/10

43.Downhill Racer- (1969)- Michael Ritchie directs Richard Gear and Gene Hackman in their younger days- 7/10

44.Primer- (2004)- Shane Caruth- 7/10

45.Somewhere- (2010)- In Sofia Coppola's feature a listless movie star re-examines his life, and his Ferrari-7/10

46.Blue Caprice- (2013)- Alexandre Moors- 7/10

47.Love- (2011)- William Eubanks- 7/10

48.Grandma's Boy- (2006)- Nicholaus Gossen's comedy about a video
game guru who still lives with Grandma- 7/10

49.The Campaign- (2012)- Jay Roach directs Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis in this political spoof- 7/10

50.Drive- (2011)- Nicolas Winding Renf's breakthrough film staring Ryan Gosling- 7/10 

51.Attenberg- (2010)- Greece's submission for the 2010 Academy Awards- 7/10

52.Gravity- (2013)- Alfonso Cuaron- 6.5/10

53.The Loneliest Planet- (2011)- Julia Loktev's minimalist travel film- 6.5/10 

54.Senna- Asif Kapadia's doc about racing legend Aryton Senna- 6.5/10

55.Once Upon a Time in Anatolia-(2011) Ceylan depicts the search for a dead body in the Turkish outback- 6.5/10

56.Green Lantern- (2011)- Despite 

Ryan Reynold's terribleness, Martin Campbell's superhero flick is decent -6.5/10

57.Hunger- (2008)- Steve McQueen's visual but painfully slow film about 1981 IRA events- 6/10

58.The Rules of the Game- (1939) Jean Renoir's jumble of conflicting relationships-6/10

59.Meet the Fockers- (2004)- Jay Roach- 6/10

60.Erasing David- (2010)- David Bond tries attempts to erase his footprint- 6/10

61.Argo- (2012)- Ben Affeck- 6/10

62.The Canterbury Tales- (1972) Italian Pasolini's fun take on the Chaucer classic- 6/10

63.Enough Said- (2013)- Nicole Holofcener- 5/10

64.The Avengers- (2012)- Josh Whedon directs this massive waste of time- 5/10

65.Ender's Game- (2013) Gavin Hood- **most dissapointing film of the year award**- 5/10

66.The Grandmaster- (2013) Kar Wai- 3/10

67.Killing Them Softly- (2012)- Andrew Dominik- 3/10

68. Only God Forgives- (2013)- Refn- A disgrace to the magnificence of Bangkok, this is an unwatchable attempt of a film- 2/10