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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Last Season (Review)

For a venue, the Grange is difficult to locate. An actual functioning farm located on the eleventh floor of a looming building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, it takes some searching to find, but it is worth it. Moviegoers are greeted with spectacular views of lower Manhattan and surrounding Brooklyn while navigating their way through rows of local produce, until they take their seats, surrounded by vistas.  It would be nearly impossible to find a more specular setting in which to screen films. This is where I saw the Last Season.

The crew of The Last Season, a film by Sara Dosa, began shooting without a distinct purpose. Shot in the summer of 2011 in Chemult, Oregon (population 135), we see the small community balloon as a troupe of outsiders are drawn for the annual mushroom hunting season; the matsutake is the prey. The crew began documenting the lives and stories of more than twelve different groups of people, but then as the large picture fell away, what remained was the film’s main topic of investigation- [...]