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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dream/Killer- Tribeca Film Festival 2015

Ryan Ferguson was 19 years old when he was arrested and charged with a murder he didn't commit. Ryan’s father Bill refused to accept this verdict, so from the moment Ryan was convicted, Bill fought tirelessly to prove his son's innocence. It all began when in 2001. Kent Heitholt, a sports editor at The Columbia Daily Tribune was found strangled to death next to his car in the newspaper’s office parking lot. The case went unsolved for two years until police got an anonymous call. The anonymous caller gave the police information that led them to a man named Charles Erickson, a friend of Ryan’s. At first Erickson claimed his memory from the night was totally blank, but after a botched police interrogation full of gerrymandering, Erickson ends up giving the police the misleading information [...]

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